Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hall Inspection

ACMMR has secured a date to open the Mechanics' Institute for a site inspection for Councillors and the general public. Please consider attending so that you can see inside this wonderful building that Council is recommending for demolition and to show your support for saving it to the Councillors who attend. The fact is the hall can be safely and quickly moved back on the block by specialist stone building movers. Council however is flatly resisting even looking into this practical option.

The Hall will be open on Saturday, 2nd June from 10am to 1pm. For reasons best known to itself Council will ask all who attend to sign a personal indemnity form before entering (we believe that the Hall is not appropriately insured), but it's really worth seeing inside. The Mechanics' Institute is located at 284 GWH at the entrance to Lawson travelling west. Parking is available in Orient Street or the empty block next door.

The Hall was built in 1903 by the Lawson community for the Lawson community. It has served as the place of the first shire Council meeting, a library for those who did not have other means of access to books, a cinema, roller-skating rink, community meeting place, congregation spot for historic marches and events and was the home of the Mid Mountains Youth Centre until two years ago.

The present building has a wonderful stage and curtains, a beautiful ceiling and restored wooden floor. It wouldn't take much to bring it up to scratch again as an arts venue unparalleled in the Mountains.

Please help us to SAVE THE HALL by attending on Saturday June 2nd.