Thursday, September 13, 2007


The residents of the mid mountains and the Save Our Hall Group are pleased that our state member of parliament Phil Koperberg is showing an interest in saving our 104 year old Mechanics Institute. In a recent publication of the Gazette he stated the following:

“It (the hall’s demolition) may be unavoidable, but let’s explore all avenues.
“We will try to get quotes (for shifting the hall further back
from the road reserve). “I would hope that every avenue which would enable the building to be saved and road widening to go ahead is explored,” Mr Koperberg said.

We wonder why Councillor Van der Kley is so out of touch with the rate payers in his ward when over $2 million was spent by council on the restoration of the pool at Blackheath, yet for the heritage of Lawson we get nothing.

Will he ever give an explanation?

Contact Mr Koperberg in his capacity as Member for Blue Mountains to thank him for his support.
Mr Philip Koperberg,
Shop 3,
107-109 Macquarie Road,
Phone (02) 4751 3298
Fax (02) 4751 1245
Email Him Here